Award Winners

Freebuy September 2021 Awards
🎖 Points Title - Dangerousdug
🎖 Winnings Title - Seaeyes
🎖 Freebuy Queen - Seaeyes

Freebuy 3rd Qtr 2021 Awards
🎖 Points Title - GPeppin
🎖 Winnings Title - Dangerousdug
🎖 Freebuy Queen - Seaeyes

Bonanza September 2021 Awards
🎖 Points Title - Dangerousdug
🎖 Winnings Title - Wrangler95
🎖 Bonanza Bandita - Singmeatune
🎖 KO Title - B1Bomber

Bonanza 3rd Qtr 2021 Awards
🎖 Points Title - Dangerousdug
🎖 Winnings Title - Dangerousdug
🎖 Bonanza Bandita - Seaeyes
🎖 KO Title - Seaeyes

Bside\Redux September 2021 Awards

🎖 Points Title - Dangerousdug
🎖 Winnings Title - Dangerousdug

Bside\Redux 3rd Qtr 2021 Awards

🎖 Points Title - Dangerousdug
🎖 Winnings Title - Dangerousdug



DangerousDug takes the Points title for September!

And Seaeyes barrels thru for Winnings & Queen titles!

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DangerousDug takes home the Points title!

Wrangler95 took home his 2nd consecutive Winnings title!

B1Bomber took home the KO title!

And Singmeatune was our Bandita for September!

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Dangerousdug sweeps Points & Winnings titles for the 2nd consecutive month!

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Points Scale

State of the Bounty – 3rd Quarter 2021

Bounty Recap

Greetings THR fans! One more quarter to go and we can kiss 2021 goodbye! Been another rough year and hope y'all have been able to stay safe and healthy!! We appreciate you spending your evenings with us!

 100% of your donations go to provide ALL of our bounties and prizes every night!

For the 3rd quarter, we had combined donations of $607.22 for the Freebuy and Bonanza games which consisted of 57 donations from 32 individuals.

We offered up a total of $718.82 in bounties and prizes of which 81% or $580.82 was paid out for bounties and other awards to our members! That left $138.00 (19%) unclaimed during the 3rd quarter.

Many thanks to everyone who help to make us so successful every day of every month! Without our members we are nothing!! THR members ROCK!!!

3rd Quarter Hall of Fame

The following members donated to THR throughout this time frame and deserve a round of applause! If you see them, please let them know how much they are appreciated! If we missed anyone, please let Dunner know ASAP and thanks again for your continued support!!

1ACRPLAY1, Aj3eckless, B1Bomber, Bbgirl6909, Ceriminias, Cotydys, Crockettfan. Dabbler, DangerousDug, DarnedCat, DigDug0037, Dpolerio, Echomsp, Frazzle1991, Gpeppin, Heathencore, HighFlyer69, LordArgyle30, Lostboysa, Mezzel, Mike647,  Mmmmiiikke, MrLaufer, NoRetreat, RadioWade, Reignoffire, Reinhardt, Robbiec33, Seaeyes, Singmeatune, Uruguayo156, and Woohoosuedoyless

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Bside/Redux Leaderboard

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Thank You for Supporting THR!!

Your donations are used for bounties, prizes and other goodies for our community. 

Donate via Paypal

Donations are accepted via Paypal. It is quick, easy and they accept all major credit cards. These contributions can go toward normal operating costs or however you want. Please specify how you would want your contribution to be allocated in the form for your donation.

P2P Funds on ACR

All donations except those targeted for the THR Bounty Bonanza should go through Dunner, his ACR screen name is steve22055. Donations for the Bonanza should go to Shady Slim (same name, with the space).

If you want your donations to go to a specific purpose, then fill in the comments box of the transaction with the details. We will direct those funds as specified.