Hal & Joy Host of the Open Ended Poker ShowJoy had never walked into a casino until she met Hal. When they first started dating, Hal informed her he was a degenerate gambler yet she still stayed:) She quickly wanted to learn the passion that had Hal flying to Vegas almost every weekend when they began to date. She was a quick learner and started with limit cash games on the 2/4 tables. Ironically in her very first live game as well as very first tournament she got pocket aces and was hooked! In no time she was playing 8/16 limit w/kill. After less than 2 months Hal entered his "horse" into a WPT Ladies Event at the Bicycle Casino. On the way to the tournament she was reading about how to play premium hands in Phil Hellmuth's book.That first tournament had over 250 entries and she finished in the top 20!
She was now hooked on tournament play and has since made multiple final tables a well as a final table finish in a WSOP Circuit Event. While she still prefers tournaments, she plays cash games as well. She was even a weekend "regular" in Vegas at a cash game that added to Hal's anxiety because it had thousands of dollars in play.
Beside's Poker, Joy has her hands full keeping Hal in line with all his craziness and phobias.

Hal has been a regular in the cash games in Los Angeles in Vegas for about 12 years. Prior to that he was found weekly at the Blackjack tables in Vegas. Now poker is his only passion in the casinos and considers anything else "gambling".  Hal was co-owner and investor of the Senior Poker Tour which he departed last year due to creative differences with the direction of the Tour. He has been in Poker Radio now for 5 years after meeting the originator of Poker Radio, Wade Andrews. When they met at a Poker table in Las Vegas they became instant friends and Wade mentored Hal as a fellow announcer. 
 Hal primarily gives a strong cash game perspective that he makes easy to understand from his countless hours in Vegas and LA cash games. While his day to day game consists of "grinding" in the 1/3 and 2/5 games, he also has been known to never walk away from a good game and has played many mid high limit games with $5k buy ins. While having success in the local tournaments, Hal still prefers cash games and doesn't miss a week without putting many hours in at the felt. 
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