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Freebuy Leaderboard (October 2018)

Week #2 Spotlight

Singmeatune has only two FT appearances this week albeit short-lived.  Her 8th & 9th place finishes garnered her enough points to jump into the top ten. But that is not the noteworthy part. Even though she has not hit big yet, it is only a matter of time. She is always there, poised to strike. If we had an award for Miss Consistency she would absolutely deserve it. Her average finishing position  in the Freebuy is 15.9  with a low of 29th and was always in the money. Solid game play SingMe!!

Coming up the ranks quick is  new THR member MyLastDonut (aka kushyy ) with a 2nd, 3rd & 6th place finish this week!! Very well played games by the new guy and easily moves into the top ten and is currently in 2nd!

And if Donut isn't enough to handle, then say hello to our little friend Jimmy418 (aka 420opponent) another member to welcome into the THR fold. Jimmy has made 2 FTs in 2 games with a high finish of 2nd so far. Keep an eye out for Jimmy in the days to come, he is also kicking some butt in the Bonanza too.

But how about that Jampar character Wednesday night! His K-tel Vinyl Night win propelled him to the number one slot in both categories. This was also his 3rd FT appearance including a 2nd place finish. He is the current leader in both categories with $9.90 and 2480 points.

Dpolerio gets his first win of the month Thursday nite and jumps into the top ten, currently in 6th.  BadBoy made his third FT appearance with a 3rd place finish Thursday night and currently in 9th. 

Monday night had  240 entries. A high for the month. This coming after the Dunner Scourge Purge from the tail end of last month.  

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night attendance dipped below 200 and probably the lowest in THR Freebuy history. All lows for the month are coming on the opening of the new Chat Room and other website changes. If you are reading down this far and have a hard time getting into chat, sorry! We are working on the problem.

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Bonanza Leaderboard (October 2018)

Week #2 Spotlight

MarineCJ and Seaeayes locked horns Monday and Tuesday! Both made Top-6 appearances back-to-back with great finishes in both of their games. Each have a win too and shot up the leaderboard while nobody was looking. Their 2-day totals were huge with the edge going to Seaeyes' 1800pts/$12.55 to MarineCJ's 1600pts/$9.65. 

PSNyteOwl's knock-out prowess carried over from his monster Freebuy game last Thursday.  Owl had a great week in the Bonanza with 4 straight Top-6 appearances. His 4-game total racked up $19.96 and 3000 points.  Owl ends the week in 2nd place. If we had a Wyatt Earp Award , Owl would deserve it.

Then there is our Annie Oakley of the Bonanza, WoohooSueDoyles!! Sue came into Thursday's night game on a spin for a 2nd place finish and a $2.50 bounty. She turned around the next night and captured her first win of the month, or maybe ever (not sure). Her 2-game totals were 1800 points and $12.64. The points are enough to land her in 9th place for the month.

Shoutout to MrLaufer who is moving up with consistent, modest gains. Only a matter of time before MrL hits a big one. He ends the week in 4th place and poised to capture the lead.

Shady Slim has 3 Top-6 appearances this month, but continues to struggle. He is going to bed his horse down for the weekend, then ride out again next Monday.  He is currently in 3rd place.

MarineCJ ended the week with a 10th place finish in Friday's game and has 3 Top-6 appearances on the month. This garnered enough points to move him into the top spot with a narrow lead over PSNyteowl. Marine stands 2nd in winnings with $17.25. PSNyteowl is our current winnings leader with $20.21.

As of Friday's game, there are only 900 points separating the top 6 players who are MarineCJ, PSNyteowl,  Shady Slim, MrLaufer, Seaeyes and DPolerio. This is the half-way point of the month and it is anybody's game. Good luck next week!!

Game of the Week

leaderboard bonanzaThursday night has to be the game of the week in terms of excitement. There were two bounties ( PSNyteowl & Shady Slim) still left when it came down to the final 4 players which included MarineCJ and WoohooSueDoyles.  

MarineCJ KOed Owl for fourth. WoohooSue KOed Slim for third. MarineCJ went on to win the match and climb up into the 2nd place spot on the boards.

FACTOID: WoohooSue spun into this tournament with a few pennies and takes home a sweet $6.95 (inc. bounty). 

Weekly & Monthly recaps are archived for your viewing pleasure. See the THR Leaderboards site.