A question came up one night in Chat about highest points and the breaking of the 10K barrier. Thus the creation of this Hall of Fame page. A page of past achievements and future glory.

The lists below reflect two periods of time in the running of the boards. After riding a high of ever-explosive numbers from September 2018 through March of 2019, the number of players were more than double that of the post-software-update. Basically put, the higher the numbers equates to more competition. 

With that said, only one record still stands from the pre-software-update heyday. Can you spot it?

Past Freebuy Titlists

Pre-update, RagBully terrorized us in December. But, it was the 'bad boys' who were a pain in the side for most of us. This was during the time of the Holiday Blowout games with $125+ on the line. We averaged over 210 per night, with shit going thru roof on Holiday nights! Life was fast, life was good!

Post-update took a while to get going, but going it got! It was the time of Sweet & Runabout when they posted clean sweeps one after the other -- trifectas, with Sweet breakin' Bully's record. DigDug's following double-title record breaker, the Quarter of GPeppin, Steve22055's record shattering April which ultimately fell to MrLaufer in June. 

Past Bonanza Titlists

Pre-update, the Bonanza started as an unknown game on the roster with about 25 players a night barely breaking 40 entries. Then it grew, and grew again every month until 80+ a night was not uncommon, and breaking the 100 entry barrier came in December. 

The number one guy, undeniably, had to be The Man of Steel during this time. I personally can attest that Steelcrafter is one slick bandit, and really can't be beat when he is there to play. It was also the time for Steel's replacements to come onto the scene.

Post-update, the only person to win double titles is GPeppin last November, mostly because BenjiSnoopy is not just a cute little puppy ... she can be a rabid dog with a bone in the Bonanza. Both players have 3 Points Titles under their belts this period, 1 each from pre-update .... and they will bleed each other dry going for that 5th Title. 

Meanwhile, Bottleup is killing it every month on the winnings side, with Koa constantly there behind him. Both of these guys are badder than than the 'bad boys' and are KO wrecking balls. 

Both of Steel's records lasted until May 2020 when DPolerio hit 9700, a few hun shy of 10K. So close to that 4-minute mile, Doc could taste it. Only a matter of time before that barier is broken.

Steel's November 2018 Winnings Title still stands to this day. This record will be a tough one to beat, with MarineCJ & Raddeckel coming close pre-update, but a Lincoln shy of the mark. One of the reasons this will be tough to beat is the aformentioned numbers. In this case, less numbers equates to less prize pool money.

Bottleup has the high mark post-update with $32.73 last January though. That is at least a goal to achieve in the near future. I am sure this will not always be the case, things can always pick up -- until then, happy hunting!

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