November 2019 Awards

What a wild end to the month in the Bonanza!! And what about DamnThtSweet? She was a monster all month in the Freebuy, which included 4 wins!!

 Freebuy Awards
πŸŽ– Points Title - DamnThtSweet
πŸŽ– Winnings Title - DamnThtSweet
πŸŽ– Freebuy Queen - and DamnThtSweet
Bonanza Awards
πŸŽ– Points Title - GPeppin
πŸŽ– Winnings Title - GPeppin
πŸŽ– Bonanza Queen - Seaeyes

This month picked up quite a bit and things are slowly getting back to normal. One cancelled night, but was a fun month filled with all the usual suspects.

Congrats to all of our winners! Word to the wise, this month will be a little bit tougher! 

In the Spotlight



November Final --- we have a Winner, Winner, Turkey Dinner!

Damnthtsweet is our Triple Crown Winner! Congrats Baby!!

Sweet's run included a record 4 Freebuy Wins!!


November Final - that went down to the wire!

Gpeppin's 4th place finish clinches Points/Winning Titles!

Seaeyes takes home the Bonanza Queen prize!



Points Scale

State of the Bounty - May thru Oct 2019

We haven’t updated this since ACR went down in May for the new software so this includes May, Sept and Oct. While we weren’t playing during the four month downtime, THR still had bills to pay and some funds were used for that purpose!

We had combined donations, from 29 different individuals, from May 1st through October 31st of $920.94 for the Freebuy and Bounty Bonanza games! We offered up a total of $1046.50 of which 74% or $773.20 was paid out for bounties and other awards to our members! That left $273.30 (26%) unclaimed during that time frame.

Many thanks to everyone who helps make us so successful every day of every month! Without our members we are nothing!! THR members ROCK!!!

The Absent-Months Hall of Fame

The following members donated to THR throughout this time frame and deserve a round of applause! If you see them, please let them know how much they are appreciated! If we missed anyone, please let Dunner know ASAP and thanks again for your continued support!!

acesfull212, Badb0iie, benjisnoopy, Cariesky, Cereminias, damnthtsweet, dpolerio, echomsp, fi5hbon3, fishmasterbaiter, Gpeppin, Heathencore, ineedfreedom, Klicklicboom, kongzilla, merlinCN, MrLaufer, OkieRain, oliblaha, pAAtrician96, potfan420, raddeckel, radiowade, Reinhardt, robjcar48, Shady Slim, steve22055, stevelandess and vegasbound10  


Freebuy Leaderboard (November 2019)

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* Leaderboard data only includes top 50 finishers, those who recieved points only. If total payout spots exceed 50, they will be tracked for winnings purposes.

Week #4

Monday ($25.00)

A great turnout with 110 souls. 

Shady Slim takes down the Win for $6.27! Yeah me!!

Shawnkristihannah took down 2nd for $3.87.

Ohio117 took down 3rd for $2.75.

DamnThtSweet bubbled the FT, but pads that #1 lead a little bit more. Good gain & VGG Sweet!!

Tuesday ($26.20)

Largest turnout since the hiatus with 131 players. Small prize pool considering, but Parmer provided an additional $10 prize monies for top 3 spots at $5 for 1st, $3 for 2nd & $2 for 3rd! He took 6th in a $2,500 GTD and just wanted to give back a little to THR! Ty sir, much appreciated!! Just wished that you did this last night <frown face>

Oliblaha took down the Win for $6.32 + $5.00 for a very nice payday. I do believe that he took out one of the $3.00 mystery bounties as well. VGG & payday Oli!!

SnaveJr  took down 2nd for $3.66.

RealMrPlow took down 3rd for $2.75.

Wednesday ($25.00)

Decent turnout with 110 souls.

Richard1804 took down the Win for $6.27!

Jaymagik84 took down 2nd for $3.87.

Catbball67 took down 3rd for $2.75.

GPeppin took down 8th for $0.75  and gains up top. He is in the #4 slot.

Wrenchturn took down 13th for $0.50 and gains up top also. He is in the #3 slot.

#1 Damnthsweet took down 15th for $0.50 to maintain her top spot across all things holy! VGG girl. 

#2 ElKapitan took down 18th for $0.45 to keep pace. 

Thursday ($25.00)

Low turnout due to Thanksgiving with 97 turkey eaters!

Cariesky (aka Doll) took down the Win for $6.27! She also picked off a $5.00 anonymous bounty on MrLaufer for a very nice payday girl!! Congrats.

JimboAAkimbo took down 2nd for  $3.87.

Riverstar213 took down 3rd for $2.75. He also took down 2nd in the Bonanza earlier. VGGs tonite River!!

MrLaufer defended his $5 bounty well and finished 4th for $2.12! VGG tonite bro!!

GPeppin took down 8th for $0.75 and climbs into the #3 slot ahead of MrLaufer.

Both #1 Damnthtsweet & #2 ElKapitan were stagnant, but Sweet didn't need much more! See preview next. 

Friday ($25.00) 

Moderate turnout with 104 souls on the last game of the month.

Lignerant131 took down the Win for $6.27!

Heathencore took down 2nd for $3.87.

Huntrofshadows took down 3rd for $2.75

Damnthtsweet is our Triple Crown Winner this month. She takes home both Points/Winnings Titles and Queen of the Freebuy too. Sweet's run included a record 4 Wins in the Freebuy --- phenomenal!! VGGs this month girl and Congrats. 


Bonanza Leaderboard (November 2019)

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* The $ value in parenthesis after the day are total awarded dollars (Prize$, KO$ & added bounties/awards)

Week #4

Monday ($29.65)

A below average turnout of 36 players with 43 total entries. This set the scene for many of the players up top to engage in battle at the final table --  and they did not disappoint.

Two Snipe bounties on Monday, they were Shady Slim & MrLaufer (much to his chagrin LOL). 

ShawnKristiHannah took down the Win for $5.17! Shawn pokes his head up in the top 20 on the board. VGG Shawn!!

Koa27 took down 2nd for $3.48. He moves up to #11.  He also picked off an FT $3.60 Snipe bounty on Shady Slim too. VGG buddy!! Nice payday.

PokerPadreacr took down 3rd for $1.93. This guy is a force to be reckoned with. He has cashed 60% of the time and climbing quick into the #7 slot.

Singmeatune took down 4th for $1.29.

GPeppin took down 5th for $1.03. This finish tacks on morel $$$ to his #1 winnings slot and moves him into #3 on the board, spitting distance from the #1 slot. But please don't spit --- or not!! LOL

Shady Slim bubbled the money with a 6th place finish. He keeps pace with the leaders and settles into the #4 slot.

Robbiec33 took down 7th place. Close to the money, but she picked off a $2.40 Snipe bounty on MrLaufer!

Seaeyes took down 8th place. This finish moves her to the #1 slot, just ahead of BenjiSnoopy by a dog's hair! VGG girl!

Reignoffire took down 9th place and slips into #6.

Tuesday ($45.90)

Great turnout with 36 players for a total of 66 entries.

Tonite was a night of volunteer bounties. They were RobJCar, Turnkey & PokerPadre of which 2 of them made it to the FT for double $$. It couldn't have worked out any better, 'cept the fact that a stinking redshirt grabbed two of them! 

MrLaufer took down the Win for $6.46! He moves to #5 on the board and is in a virtual tie with GPeppin for #1 winnings slot. MrL also picked off 2 FT bounties on RobJCar & Turnkey for $7.20!! VGG and payday bro!!

GPeppin took down 2nd for $4.15. This finish gives him control of both #1 slots on the board! He also picked off a $2.40 bounty on PokerPadre. Classic showdown between two hot players. VN payday & VGG Pepp!!

RobJCar48 took down 3rd for $2.97. VN defense of that bounty & VGG!!

Turnkey513 took down 5th for $1.48. VN defense of that bounty & VGG!!

2Z1l0O5253 took down 6th for $1.08 Gotta give a shout out to this unknown player. LOL

Wrenchturn took down 7th for $0.89 and grabs the #10 slot, just ahead of whats-his-name!

Seaeyes took down 8th for $0.79 and pulls into the #2 slot behind Pepp. 

Wednesday ($34.70)

Low turnout with 31 players for a total of 50 entries. People are probably on the road for the holiday.

Bounty Roulette night at the Bonanza. Our 3 progressive bounties were Seaeyes, MrLaufer & BenjiSnoopy starting at $1.20, after reg $2.40, and for the FT $3.60. 

Shawnkristihannah took down his 2nd Win this week for $5.56!! VGGs Shawn!!

Shaazy712 took down 2nd for $3.75. He climbs into the #4 slot with thsi finish. The Shaaz also picked off a $3.60 FT bounty on BenjiSnoopy. VGG and payday!!

Jampar123 took down 3rd for $2.25.

Pokerpadreacr  took down 5th for $0.82. He creeps into #7.

BenjiSnoopy's 13th FT appearance with an 8th place finish. She maintains her #3 slot but gains on the leaders. 

GPeppin (13th place) & Seaeyes (14th) lose a little ground, but maintain their top 2 status.

Seaeyes bounty for $1.20 went unclaimed by 2Z (no chance in gettting him into chat LOL). And the $2.40 after reg bounty on MrLaufer went to WoohooSue, congrats. 

Thursday ($30.55)

As expected for a Thanksgiving night, the crowd was small with 30 players for a total of 49 entries. But what a final table this night. We had a great showdown between top 3 GPeppin, Seaeyes, and BenjiSnoopy. What a game!!

We had 2 mystery bounties on Shady Slim & BenjiSnoopy. Y'all probably saw that one coming! LOL

2Z1l0O5253 took down his first Win for $5.46!  He moves into the #9 slot. VGG brother!!

Riverstar213 took down 2nd for $3.67. He also nabbed the $2.40 FT bounty on BenjiSnoopy for $2.40. Nice payday & VGG!!

Cruisinman took down 3rd for $2.20.

Woohoosuedoyles took down 4th for $1.47. And yes, she was an unofficial Last Bandita standing!! VGG girl!!

Turkey Bowl 2019

A classic shootout between our top 3 leaders could not have gone down any better! VGGs all!

GPeppin took down 5th for $1.10. This finish padded his #1 lead a little more.

Seaeyes took down 6th for $0.80. This finish padded her #2 lead a little more.

BenjiSnoopy took down 7th. And this finish padded her #3 lead a little more as well. 

Nots took down 9th. No cash, but he took out a $1.20 bounty on Shady Slim.

Pokerpadreacr bubbled the FT with a 10th place finish.

Friday ($39.05) 

Last game of the month. We had 29 players for a total of 47 entries.

Tonight went down to the wire in both title categories as well as the Queen title. Our runners are GPeppin, Seaeyes, BenjiSnoopy, MrLaufer and if the prize pool is big enough, Shaazy too. GL to all and good hunting!

There were  no bounties, but there was an additional $9.60 added for the top 3 finishers ($4.80 for 1st,/$3.00 for 2nd/$1.80 for 3rd), $1.20 ITM Bubble Prize and a $2.40 Last Bandita prize!! Tonite's prizes courtesy of a generous donation from Lignerant. He cashed for $960 the other day & wanted to give a little back. Congrats Liggy & thank your for your support. 

Legdil took down the Win for $5.24 + $4.80 added, which he rolled over! VGG buddy and ty for your support.

Shady Slim took down 2nd for  $3.52 + $3.00 added, which he rolled over.

Islandtime21 took down 3rd for $2.11 + $1.80 added, which was never claimed. 

GPeppin took down 4th for $1.41 to add icing to the cake. Pepp is our Points & Winnings Titlist for the month! He cashed in 11 of his 11 final table appearances including a win with average finishing position of 9.4!! Rock solid. VGGs buddy and Congrats.

Cariesky took down 6th for $0.77 and was our Last Bandita Standing for $2.40! VGG senorita!

Turnkey513 bubbled at 7th place and took home the $1.20 ITM Bubble prize.

Seaeyes finished in 15th, but that was enough maintain her margin and she is our Bonanza Queen for the second month in a row! Sea cashed in 8 of her 9 FT appearances with a couple of 2nd place finishes. VGGs girl and Congrats! 


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