December 2019 & 4th Quarter Awards

 Freebuy Awards
🎖 Points Title - Runabout40
🎖 Winnings Title - Runabout40
🎖 Freebuy Queen - Runabout40

Freebuy 4th Quarter Awards
🎖 Points Title - GPeppin
🎖 Winnings Title - Damnthtsweet
🎖 Freebuy Queen - Runabout40

Bonanza Awards
🎖 Points Title - BenjiSnoopy
🎖 Winnings Title - Dumuzi
🎖 Bonanza Queen - BenjiSnoopy

Bonanza 4th Quarter Awards
🎖 Points Title - BenjiSnoopy
🎖 Winnings Title - Seaeyes
🎖 Bonanza Queen - BenjiSnoopy


Triple Crown Winner -- Runabout took home all crowns on the last night of the year. With two wins under her belt at the start of the month, she pretty much didn't have to look back. She had a rough patch mid-way, but came back with a strong finish including  a clutch last game effort! She hit 7 final tables out of 19 scorable games, which aided in her capture of the Quarter Freebuy Queen title (see below) Congrats girl, outstanding month!!

Freebuy 4th Quarter

Points Title -- GPeppin had this in hand well before the quarter ended. Always steady, always lurking, Pepp hits a final table in 1 out of every 3 games --- translation points, points, points! And some good coin to go with it. Pepp has never won the Freebuy yet, but that is only a matter of time. Congrats buddy!!

Winnings Title -- Damnthtsweet pretty much had this one in hand way back in November when she took down an unprecedented 4 wins for the month. She was the Triple Crown winner too! VGGs girl and congrats!!

Freebuy Queen -- Runabout grabbed this baby with consistant deep play and a strong December finish. Like Pepp, she hits a final table in 1 out of 3 games as well. Her Triple Crown Win in December included 2 Freebuy wins. VGGs and Congrats girl!!

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Points Title & Bonanza Queen -- BenjiSnoopy is this months winner! She had the high 9 Top 6 appearances, even while being a go-to bounty on some of the nights. Can't tell you how many times she cost money by going to the final table! LOL. VGGs this month girl and Congrats!!

Winnings Title -- Dumuzi takes this Title and pretty much hands down. Dumuzi played only 12 of the 22 games and scored like a bandit in the night! 5 of those games included 2 Wins, 2 2nd place finishes and a 3rd place finish. Of those, I could only imagine how many KOs he was picking up on top of all that. VGG month buddy and Congrats!!

Bonanza 4th Quarter

Points Title  & Bonanza Queen -- BenjiSnoopy takes home top honors with a strong, very strong December finish that ended with a 10 point lead overall!  Congrats girl, and good luck next year!!

Winnings Title -- This Title goes to Seaeyes!! She had a strong December too.  Overall she amassed 2 Wins, 5 2nds & 5 3rds and all the money those positions come with. VGGs girl!

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Bonanza - Fistful of Bullets

BenjiSnoopy is our 1st Fistful of Bullets winner and receives 6 bullets for the Bonanza -- a whopping $3.60 value! That is not all! She also gets an extended 3-day trip thru Bounty Hell to start the year off with! Congrats girl! VGGs right from the start!!

Starting January 1st, there is a progressive bounty on BenjiSnoopy starting at $1.20. But don't be fooled. Out of all the bounties the past 3 months, Benji has taken on the chore more than any other person at THR! She won't be easy to capture. Good luck all, happy hunting. 

With $3.60 on the line and three grueling days of dodging hunters next year, it all came down to the last game of the year! 495 points seperated the top 3 contenders -- BenjiSnoopy, GPeppin & Seaeyes. 

With early exits from the ladies, it came down to GPeppin while they watched from the scoring tent. Sea was out of contention, but Benji watched Pepp sneak up further and further. In usual fashion he hits another final table, but not healthy. He does manage to eke out a 5th place finish landing him in #2 on the Quarterly, just 10 points shy of BenjiSnoopy! So close, but yet so far!

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In the Spotlight



December 2019 is in the books!

Runabout is our Triple Crown Winner!

Her late game rally Tuesday takes her over the top. 



December 2019 is in the books!

BenjiSnoopy with Points Title & Bonanza Queen!

Benji gets Fistful of Bullets - we get 3 days of fun!

Dumuzi with Winnings Title!

Points Scale

State of the Bounty - November 2019

One more month to go! Happy Holidays to everyone at THR!

We had combined donations, from 22 different individuals of $416.03 for the Freebuy and Bounty Bonanza games! We offered up a total of $468.22 of which 82% or $384.31 was paid out for bounties and other awards to our members! That left $83.91 (18%) unclaimed during that the month.

Many thanks to everyone who helps make us so successful every day of every month! Without our members we are nothing!! THR members ROCK!!!

November Hall of Fame

The following members donated to THR throughout this time frame and deserve a round of applause! If you see them, please let them know how much they are appreciated! If we missed anyone, please let Dunner know ASAP and thanks again for your continued support!!


dpolerio, echomsp, fi5hbon3, gpeppin, groundcontrol, Legdil, lignerant131, MerlinCN, Mr.Wrench, MrLaufer, Oliblaha, Parmer30, Raddeckel, reignoffire, Riverstar713, Robjcar48, runabout40, Shady Slim, Steve22055, Woohoosuedoyles, and Yeahbabyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy  



Freebuy Leaderboard (December 2019)

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* Leaderboard data only includes top 50 finishers, those who recieved points only. If total payout spots exceed 50, they will be tracked for winnings purposes.

Week #5

Monday ($28.60)

Good turnout with 122 people and an extra few bucks in the pot!

Turnkey513 took down the Win for $6.69!

Riversalmon92 took down 2nd for $4.00.

Wrenchturn took down 3rd for $3.00. He moves into the #3 slot and has a shot at the Points Title. VGG buddy, and GL Tuesday nite!

Seaeyes took down 5th for $1.71. She is now in the #5 slot with an outside shot at the Points Title. She has a better shot at that Queen Title with a good showing tonight. VGG girl and GL Tuesday!

Joshua 360 took down 8th for $0.82 and moves into the #1 points slot! This is a narrow 100 point lead however, read on. VGG & GL Tuesday!

Runabout took down 9th for $0.68 and pads that Winnings lead a little bit more. She is our projected Winnings titlist for the month! This finish kept pace with Joshua360 this nite and she is in the #2 slot for points. A mere 100 behind. VGG girl, and GL Tuesday!

Runabout also has a narrow edge over Benji & Seaeyes for the Queen Title. A mere 355 points between them. Stage is set. GL ladies!

Tuesday ($28.40)

In the final game of the year we had 130 players, and some of them were uninvited guests! Somebody guessed the password for the game and let it leak. This led to Dunner offering up 10 $1. bounties on some of the unknowns. Shit got crazy and poof, they were almost magically elimated right from the get go!

Riversalmon92 took down the last Win of the year for $6.64! VGG buddy!

GPeppin took down 2nd for $3.97. This finish landed him in the #4 spot on this month's board. VGG Gary and nice month!

Echomsp took down 3rd for $2.98. VGG buddy

Biggest game of the nite was Runabout's 6th place finish for $1.27. Coming into the night, the Points Title and Freebuy Queen were up for grabs and she barely eked out this position to go over the top. This was a nailbiter with 13 people left and it wasn't looking all that good for her. She held on, player after player and finally nailed it. VGG girl and Congrats on your Triple Crown Win!!


Bonanza Leaderboard (December 2019)

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* The $ value in parenthesis after the day are total awarded dollars (Prize$, KO$ & added bounties/awards)

** A change was made to the leaderboard. We will be tracking Top6 appearances (T6) instead of Final Tables (FT).

Week #5

Monday ($41.20)

Very nice turnout with 38 people for a total of 64 entries.

We had to bounties selected with the virtual dice for after 5-min break. Tonite's progressive bounties were Wrenchturn & Finkel.

Paco777 took down the Win for $6.26! She also picked off a $2.40 bounty on Wrenchturn. VGG and payday girl.

Seaeyes took down 2nd for $4.03. VGG girl!

Shady Slim took down 3rd for $2.88. First Top 6 appearance all month. meh. I did get 10 KOs this night, yeh! 

Damnthtsweet took down 5th for $1.44 and nailed a $3.60 FT bounty on Finkel. She KOed him just as he hit the final table when the bounty $$ increased. Nice timing and VGG girl!

Tuesday ($33.40)

A friendly cozy night with 29 players for a total of 52 entries to usher in the New Year! 

We had 3 $1.20 prizes for Last Bandita, ITM Bubble & After-reg Chip Leader. There was a progressive Snipe bounty from the start on The_Artist3 which went unclaimed early in the game. 

Shaazy712 took down the Win for $5.78! Shaazy was strong the whole game, including a $1.20 prize for the After-reg Chip Leader. VGG and payday buddy!

2Z1l0O5253 took down 2nd for $3.90! Strong finish lands him in the #4 slot. He has come a long way in short time. VGG brother!

Shawnkristihannah took down 3rd for $2.34. VGG buddy-girl-girl!

GPeppin took down 5th for $1.17. While not a thing in itself for December, this finish was of great note in the Quarterly. After Benji's lock a couple of nights back, Pepp trailed a bit. This finish landed him in the #2 slot on the Quarterly, 10 points shy of #1! Astute readers will notice that Pepp took the Freebuy Quarterly too. Whose the man? VGGs Gary!! Job well done. 

Bottleup74 took down 7th for the ITM Bubble prize of $1.20. Bottle needed a Win to swing out past Dumuzi for the Winnings Title, still a very good game and congrats on the game!

marySoprano took down 8th and was our Last Bandita Standing for $1.20 extra! Congrats!


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