The Spooktacular Freebuy lived up to its name and

it was an exciting finish for the month of October.

All titles were up for grabs and

the final game was fought down to the bitter end. 


Freebuy Leaderboard Final (October 2018)

Points Title - JimboAAkimbo

Going into the final night, JimboAAkimbo had a 370 point lead over Shady. It was going to be close. He finished with a modest 18th for 250 points to extend his lead. 

All he could now is wait. Like Jimbo Nicklaus tallying his scorecard in the Club House while he watched an aging Shady Palmer finishing his 18th hole. Shady eventually bubbled for 350 -- not enough to creep past Jimbo. 

Jimbo had a THR leading 7 FT appearances and did that in 2 games less than his two trailing competitors!  Good solid play all month with an average position of 24th gave him the edge that was needed. Very nice job Jimbo!! You earned this, mate!

Winnings Title - SlowRollAA

The Spooktacular will play its very last trick of the night. With the added prize money, all of the payout positions basically quadrupled! Instead of $5 and change for 1st place, it was now $20 and change. This had a winner take all affect on the winnings title.  And that winner was SlowRollAA!! Congrats!!

SlowRoll has been a one or two game per week member for going on two years. I am not sure what his biggest haul at THR was over that time, but this one will go into his scrapbook for sure.

Very nice win SlowRoll!! And you get the title to go with it too! Congratulations.

And an honorable mention to Badboy23 who came on like barnstormers to capture 2nd on the board. Very nice night Badboy!!

King of the Freebuy - MrLaufer

This award is for "Best Performance by a Male in a Supporting Role" and it goes to MrLaufer! He had played in only 18 of the 23 games and what games he had.

MrL made 5 final tables and could have easily made 6.  The numbers he put up rivaled those of both JimboAA and Shady.  and "he coulda been a contender!" Imagine that last part in my best Marlon Brando voice.

Of the 18 games, MrL had an average position of 20th, which is four better than Jimbo. Had he played a full schedule at that level, he would have had a shot at the title. 

So well played bro! Very nice job. Time to move on. Let's go spar some more! 

Queen of the Freebuy - Seaeyes

This award is for "Best Performance by a Female in the Turn" and it goes to Seaeyes. Always lurking somewhere for the first 16 games,  then all of a sudden she exploded and went on a tear!

She began a 7- game streak that netted her 5 FT appearances and 3150 points. Seaeyes takes down a respectable 4th place finish on the leaderboard and is our Top Witch for October! If we had a Top Witch award that is. 

Some keen observers will remember that Seaeyes took home the Points Title last month.  Well played girl!

 Proud of you Sea!! Very nice month. 


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Hold your horses pardner! You didn't have to be a Kreskin to see what was coming in the Bonanza this month. 

What if the Sundance Kid had a cameo in the Quick and the Dead? Do you think he could have taken Russell Crowe in a showdown? Hackman for sure. DiCaprio for sure. Could the Kid have outgunned MarineCJ? 

That is one of the burning questions this hombre is pondering as we finish out the month of October.

Bonanza Leaderboard Final (October 2018)

Points and Winnings Title - MarineCJ

You didn't need a Sharps rifle to see this coming from a mile away. If you did, then you were looking in the wrong direction.  Once this hunter mounted his horse he pretty much was out in front right out of the starting gate.

MarineCJ had amassed enough points and winnings  that he could just walk his horse across the finish line. Marine had a bit of slump toward the end, but finished the month in style with his 3rd place finish on Halloween. 

Marine finished with 7645 points and $36.67 in winnings.  He also had a THR Bonanza high 7 Top-6 finishes for the month which included 3 wins, also a high. 

The most memorable games had to be the Monday-Tuesday clash between Marine and PSNyteowl back in week #3.  The Monday game left the two in a virtual tie, but Tuesday was a different story. Marine won the Tuesday match over Nyteowl and also won the Freebuy too. That doesn't happen very often and all I can say is job well done Marine!! Congratulations.

King of the Bonanza - PSNyteowl

This award is for "Best Male Performance in a Recurring Role" and it goes to PSNyteowl.  Pound for pound, the Owl is hands-down one of the deadliest gunslingers to hit the Bonanza. He only played in 13 of the 23 games this month and racked up 5285 points & $27.40 of winnings. 

The Owl hit 6 Top-6 finishes and averaged $2.11 per game. His best streak came in Week #2 with two 4th place finishes, a 2nd and a win.  

Had Owl played a full roster of games this month, the landscape would have been drastically different coming down to the wire. Nice shooting Owl!! Hope to see more of you in November. 

Queen of the Bonanza - WoohooSueDoyles

This award is for "Best Female Performance Pre-Flop" and it goes to WoohooSueDoyles.  Sue did not have to take her horse to the river to prove how deadly she is with a six-shooter. 

Sues second game in the Bonanza came from a spin-in. She captured  a 2nd place finish and picked up an added $2.50 bounty to boot. The next night she took the Bonanza for all the marbles and jumped to the leaderboard top ten. 

Sue only played in 7 games this month and held her own against the likes of Marine and Owl. Her numbers rivaled theirs and it makes you wonder what if she took her horse to the river. Could she get it to drink? 

Nice shooting Annie! And GL in November, hope to see more of ya!


Weekly & Monthly recaps are archived for your viewing pleasure. See the THR Leaderboards site.

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