bside redux shootout

Triple Crown


B Side



American Legacy Firearms GAMBLER 660x360

We have $25.00 Freebuys each week night at Americas Card Room @ 8pm ET!  Come join us in Chat and listen to some tunes during he game. We have bounties galore and Live broadcasts on Wednesday nights. Good cards, good people, good fun!

Bounty Information and Rules 

Bounties are posted in chat after the start of the game, not before! The number and values of the bounties vary from night to night.

Bounty postings occur regularly in Chat. Do not continually ask who they are. Either write them down, scroll up in chat, use the Chat History link, or wait until they get posted again. Continually asking for bounty information disruptive to Chat and to the Bounty Coordinators who are playing their own games. Please be respectful of that! 

Added Bounty KO Rules at THR: Three rules apply:

1.) Must have bounty covered (more chips than bounty before hand starts).

2.) See rule #1 and In case of two or more players going for bounty, best hand wins the bounty.

3.) See rule #1 and In case of a tie hand when 2 or more players are going for the bounty, person with the largest starting stack wins. (no split bounty payouts)

Chat Decorum: Once the bounty determination is made and announced, it is final. Asking for a clarification is acceptable, but harping about it continually for several minutes is not. All of our Mods are playing poker too, please be respectful of that. 

You must be in chat and let one of the mods know who you KO'ed to claim your bounty. You will have 15 minutes to claim your bounty before it is forfeited.