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From Jan 2nd - Jan 30th THR is putting on the Second B-side/Redux Shootout for y'all at America's Card Room! There will be added prizes for the top 5 points finishers at the end of this 9-game event. All prize monies will be by P2P directly into your ACR account after the final results are tallied. You must be a member of THR to collect awards, need not be present in Chat to collect. 

Bside Redux Shootout Jan 2018Prize Awards

  1. $15.00
  2. $9.00
  3. $6.00
  4. $4.00
  5. $3.00

This event is being hosted by THR's RobJCar who is not eligible for any of the prize awards. From time to time their may also be bounties during the event. As usual, you have to be a member to collect on the bounties. All bounties must be claimed in Chat within 15 minutes of the KO.

The B-side and Redux can be found in the Private tab of ACR's tournament list. Buy-in is $2.00+.20 with 20 minutes of late registration. Password for all games is "THR" (case sensitive, all caps). The games are held on Wednesdays & Fridays and start at 10:00pm ET. The B-side has unlimited re-entry for the first 20 minutes, while the Redux is a freezeout.

This event will be using our standard points scale based on your finishing positions. The points scale can be viewed by clicking here. Each nights results will be tallied the next morning. Sometimes the online results at ACR are delayed by 24 hours and we will post them as soon as they are available. Current leaderboard results for the B-side & Redux can be viewed by clicking here.

Good luck to all of you and see you at the tables!!