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Wade added a new event 15 minutes ago

Vinyl Night simulcast by Vdog Radio!

Our Radio partner, Vdog Radio, will be broadcasting Vinyl...

  • Wednesday, 29 March 2017 08:00 PM
  • Americas Card Room
osubalogh liked bluejeanie's photo 5 hours 10 minutes ago
bluejeanie added a video. 22 hours 48 minutes ago

Staten Dyson

AliQOD - updated event, THR's Monday Night Music Mayhem yesterday

you guys are an awesome radio show !!!! luv the tunes an the peeps

AliQOD Glad you're enjoying it! yesterday
bluejeanie What she said yesterday

I don't know about you guys, but last night was a blast for me! Everyone seemed to have a great time, and I didnt get chat banned..Bahahahahah

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AliQOD That WAS a great time! Glad you were able to be there with us! yesterday
bluejeanie Me too yesterday

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  • Florida Politicians Discussing Gaming and Poker, But Lack Consensus
    While many pay attention to the ongoing battle regarding online poker – both at the state and federal levels – there are sometimes those governmental moves that influence casino gaming and poker more significantly. In Florida, state legislators are looking to freeze gaming growth in the state, with the House of Representatives passing the first […]
  • Report Draws Attention to Portland Poker Scene – And Perhaps Its Demise
    In the past, there have been thriving live poker scenes that have brought the game to people without having to go to Las Vegas or an Indian reservation casino to take part. The New York underground poker rooms are legendary, in part due to the seminal poker movie Rounders and part due to the legend […]
  • Editorial: With Australia’s Departure, International Online Poker Is Dead
    My fellow online denizens, we are gathered here today for a funeral to celebrate a short but white-hot light that was snuffed out last week. International Online Poker passed away after a long illness otherwise known as “death by 1000 cuts.” While it seems that it was around for much longer than it was, International […]
  • Three Hands You Need to Fold Pre-Flop and Why
    Even if you are a neophyte to the game of poker, there are some basic tenets that you have before you even pick up a stack of chips to bet. One, when you get pocket Aces, you pound your opposition with a pre-flop raise otherwise everyone and their brother gets to play the hand and […]
  • New Pennsylvania Online Gambling Bill Presents Major Tax Question
    Pennsylvania State Senator Jay Costa, along with co-sponsors Senators Wayne Fontana, Vincent Hughes, and Judith Schwank, introduced Senate Bill 524 on Monday, an overarching gambling bill which includes the legalization and regulation of online poker in the state. Costa previewed the bill in January when he filed a Senate Co-Sponsorship Memorandum, but this is the […]

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